Thursday 15 September 2011
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1- Do the activities from the dermatology vocabulary worksheet

2- Listen to the 2 audio files, repeat and learn the words.

Dermatology terms
Audio file
Dermatology diseases
Audio file

3- Dermatology. report card - Role-play: with your partner,, play the part of the nurse while your partner plays the part of the patient. Fill in the report card. Then swap roles.

4- Grammar in context: write all questions used in the dermatology report card, and sort them in a grid, according to the tenses used.

present simple present be-ing present perfect past simple
... ... ... ...

5- Do Role-play 1 : present, present perfect, simple past role play.

Photo - Skin Deep - by Elvis P

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Dermatology vocabulary worksheet
Dermatology Report Card
Dermatology Report Card